String.Compare lesser or greater than explanation

I went looking through my code and ran across the String.Compare function.
It has 3 responses;
0 if the two are equal.

The other two weren’t clear.

Someone posted this “zeus” “suez” and it apparently got some response from this compare.

Is there a better definition than the example in the LR, because apparently the dog, or is it the cat, is greater?

[code]Var dog As String = “Dog”
Var cat As String = “Cat”

Var result As Integer
result = dog.Compare(cat)

// result > 0[/code]

lexically Dog is > Cat (Dog would be after Cat the dictionary) when compared case insensitively

Thanks. I was thinking that would be the way. Lexical isn’t what I was hoping for.

thats just the default with the way its used in that code you posted
There are other mode as well

Do you ever have a use for this?

not a lot though

One obvious use case would be within your own CompareRows event handler for a listbox.