Stress test

Have anyone done any stress testing of a web 2 application to see how many concurrent users a single instance can handle without problems?

I have seen threads about web 1 on this, but not so much web2.

Any tool you can recomend to do such testing?

I have a client that want to use xojo for a project, so need to start planning out the infrastructure for this now. And how many concurrent users pr. instance will help plan out the load balancing architecture.


Technically the number should be much higher due to the reduced overall bandwidth per browser. As with web 1 though, it’s highly dependent on your app architecture. An app with very little server processing will handle far more clients per instance than one that is highly CPU intensive just because of the delays it causes. I’d say, make sure you keep processor intensive tasks to a minimum if you can, any ones that are should be made into external helper apps and then definitely plan on having a load balancer.