Strange Finder Problem after Safari 12

After installing the recent Safari 12 upgrade I now have a problem with Finder. If I right click on a WEBLOC file (usually created by dragging the URL from Safari to the local drive) Finder crashes and then automatically restarts. If the WEBOC file is on the desktop double clicking will launch the URL. If it is in a folder then Finder crashes and the URL never has a chance to crash.

The problem is ONLY with WEBLOC type files. I have PathFinder and it can get the File Information panel just fine.

I typically save WEBLOC files for temporary access to a Website without cluttering up with lots of temporary bookmarks.

I am running Sierra (10.12.6). I suppose I should upgrade OS X and maybe that would fix the problem but lots of Internet searching does not turn up any problems.

Any suggestions.

Run hard disk utilities ?

I’ve found it’s only if you do this in a Finder window that is in column view. Any other view seems fine.

I was hopeful but all different Finder views have the same problem for me.

I did finally find a post elsewhere that others are seeing the problem and various things seem to cure it for some and not others. Hopefully there will be an Apple update soon … or maybe I will make the jump to Mohave.

What if you do the same but with FireFox (or any other web browser) ?

If I right click and select a WEBLOC file and use OPEN WITH no crash occurs no matter which browser is selected.

The problem seems to have something to do with the Quick Look feature that appears as a little thumbnail of the content depending on what you do with a file. As Jason said above some seem to work with other views than the column view and some don’t. Left clicking on a WEBLOC file invokes the Quick View thumbnail UNLESS the WEBLOC file is on the desktop. If you right click on a WEBLOC on the desktop and select Get Info it does crash Finder since the Info Panel does contain a Quick Look.

Here are a couple of threads:

Some folks talk about lots of attempts at fixes like file permission repairs, safe mode boot, nvram clear, etc. but nothing works.

Apparently Finder calls Safari to render the Quick Look thumbnail and the new Safari 12 introduced a bug that crashes Finder.

I can work around it for now but just a bit irritating.

Noticed that as well.