Strange Errors for a user when using menus

One user of my app is encountering strange errors whenever they use a menu the is generated on the fly (be it a contextual menu or a menu in the menu bar). It works fine for everyone else on every other platform, so I’m not really sure what could be causing this or how to fix it. Any ideas?

I asked them to redownload the app and restart the computer but it hasn’t changed anything, and they said it only started happening today when they upgraded to Sierra. Anyone else have strange menu errors like this?

One possible thing…
I see references to CARBON in that dump…
CARBON was deprecated long ago, and Sierra may have removed some specific item that is causing this.

Retool the app to be COCOA and see what happens (you should do that anyways to stay compliant)

True that’s a good point. The app is fully Cocoa but maybe somewhere it’s still trying to use Carbon? Not sure why this issue would only occur for literally one user though.

User reported back that it was an app called “” that he uses interfering with my app and causing the crashes. If anyone else runs into this in the future, just ask if they’re all using that app.

The question is now, “Does Deskovery affect all Xojo apps or just yours?”

Never have understood the need for apps like that… same with “Spaces” and “Mission Control” that are part of OSX

And sometimes there are some who wonder why the Mac App Store and sandboxing. Such piece of excrement doing all sorts of messes and ultimately impairing legitimate apps is a disgrace.

It’s like walking in a minefield.

look at the frame its in

9 AppKit NSCarbonMenuImpl

Thats APPLE’s AppKit and its menu implementation
And yes there are bit of Cocoa that internally are implemented using Carbon API’s and spec’s
Do a google search for NSCarbonMenuImpl & you’ll see various header folks have extracted / reverse engineered / published without authorization etc
But its definitely Apple’s code being referenced there

The user reported back that the newest version of that app (version 3) apparently works fine with the current version of my app. So if you run into a user with those weird errors and they’re using Deskovery just tell them to update to the newest version.