Strange Editor Error

Today I’ve run in to a strange IDE error:

I’ve typed these lines in my Editor and Compiler thew out syntax errors:

// Sanitation
if szCmdLine.left(7) = "http://" then szCmdLine = szCmdLine.right(szCmdLine.Length-7)
if szCmdLine.left(8) = "https://" then szCmdLine = szCmdLine.right(szCmdLine.Length-8)
if szCmdLine.right(1) = "/" then szCmdLine = szCmdLine.left(szCmdLine.Length-1)

This is not possible, szCmdLine is a String, 100% for sure. But when using the AutoCompletion in the Editor with pressing Tab and clicking on the Suggestions explicitly, the syntax error messages disapperead. But there is no change in code at all excpet that .lenght is now .Lenght

What I am missing? Can anybody verify this?

(latest Xojo on fullpatched macOS Majave)

You are saying that when you compile “Length” changes to “Lenght”?

Arggg… finally… I am stupid :slight_smile:
Okay I leave this here and do not delete it as best example for stupidity or at least how small typos cause pain in a developers life :slight_smile:

We all do this :slight_smile:
We are here to help each other out

the old .len was much shorter and less magnetic for typing errors :wink:

The one that gets me all the time is typing contEiner instead of contAiner :slight_smile: