Strange browser string when run xojo210R4 web app

I had some time ago to use it but now needs to fix a bug.

When compile project the browser does open the browser (Chrome) but the string is shown as
http://%22http// (when copied to text editor)

while in the browser is shown as


so I can’t access the web app except if manually type

This happend in a sudden. Maybe after installin Edge or some other app in my PC.
Any fix?

You need to update to Xojo2020r2 or later.



search on the forum, this issue was already mentioned in other posts. The cause was a version of Chrome and Chromium based that had a bug.

See Cannot run from IDE - wrong URL - 2020 R1.1, R1.2 - Targets / Web - Xojo Forum

The Gilles Plante solution works.
Thanks Alberto… It is not so easy to upgrade to 2020r2… First it needs to rewrite projects and buy again the third-part classess I use. Some even does not work on Web2.0