Strange behavior TextArea ContextualMenu IE10

I use a TextArea control in my Web Application. In the TextArea.Open Event I set Me.ContextualMenu to a Menu I create on the fly.
In IE9 and Chrome all things seems to work just fine. On using the right mouse key, The ContextualMenuAction Fires and my Menu is shown.
In IE10 I have a strange effect. When I use the right mouse key on a word that is underlined (spell check red dotted line), it fires the standard Windows contextual menu with spelling suggestions and not my Menu.

How can this standard contextual menu be ignored (in code)? This contextual menu even does not seem to work. When I select an alternative word from the contextual menu and save the TextArea.Text to the database, the changes are ignored.

I searched Feedback but could not find an entry on this issue.

Any suggestions on this behavior?

I don’t have a suggestion, but I know other Microsoft products do the same thing. For example, Word on both Windows and Mac will not show the normal contextual menu on a misspelled word or grammar error until you correct it (or choose ignore).

I’m not sure if we can capture or interrupt that system context menu… And the problem then becomes that it sounds like no event fires when the system changes the text. Have you tried putting code in the TextChanged event? Even a comment would do, but something to get the framework to forward the event.

If this still doesn’t work, file a bug report with a simple sample and we’ll take a look at it.

I will try to add something to the TextChanged event and see if that works. Will let you know and otherwise file a bug report.