Strange behavior on Windows 10 with listbox.addrow() (empty row)

If a listbox as no selected line (imagine a few row …) and you made a method that make a new empty row…
on windows… it doesn’t create the row… only if a row was already selected

i had to do an ugly patch

#if TargetWindows if bList.ListIndex = -1 then bList.ListIndex = bList.LastIndex end if #endif bList.AddRow bList.ListIndex = bList.LastIndex

Can you post your code you are trying to use to add the rows?

Listbox.Addrow works perfect on Windows and always has for me. I use it everyday.

Create new test application. Add a list box and a button. In the buttons action event type listbox1.addrow “hi” then run the app. It works regardless of whether something selected in the list box.

Something else is wrong…