Straight Date comparison results in debugger crash

If I have 2 date objects that have already been set, instantiated etc, and then do a comparison in the debugger, I sometimes get a crash.
So, code:

If date1 > date2 then//debugger crash here //blah, blah end If
Is this normal?

There is nothing wrong with that statement per se so a little more information about the crash would be helpful.

Sorry. Forgot to mention I was stepping through.
Also, one of the dates is declared.

date1.SQLDateTime = "2018-07-23 11:00:00"

The other is from a file.

I also don’t know if this is just on Mac. I haven’t tested it on PC.

The debugger literally disappears.
Also, Mac Sometimes reports the crash. Sometimes not.

Sorry about the delay. I thought I’d pressed the Post.

So are you getting a crash or an exception? They aren’t the same thing. An exception will tell you what’s wrong (a crash will too, but not in the same way).

For example, I might guess from what you’ve shared that you’re getting a NilObjectExcpetion from a date not being created correctly. Check that both dates exist (aren’t nil) before trying to make that comparison.

Nope. Not an exception. The debugger literally disappears.
Yes. Both dates exist. They aren’t nil.
They are also RB dates. Not Xojo.Core dates.
It also seems predictable for the debugger to recover. If I haven’t stepped through the line for a while it crashes, and the next time it remembers to not umm crash.

This is the last report to Apple.

Apple Report RTF

The way that reads you should look into filing a feedback report with Xojo. It seems like a core framework date issue. Be sure to include your project, you can make individual feedback posts private only to Xojo.

Thanks and argh. How do I file a bug report on a random event?

Open the feedback application, and perform search of the cases. Once you search, you will then have an option to submit a new feedback record.