storing folderItem in a database field

I’d like to store a folder item in a database field for later use as preferences of an app. The problem is, that the database field has the type of a string. So if I try this, it doesn’t work:

fi = rs.Field("fi")

I was also thinking of storing only the URLpath or another type of path to the database and assemble the folderitem later. But paths are read only, and I don’t see a chance of adding a path to create a folderitem.

Is there a way to convert the string to the class of a folder item?

Dim f As FolderItem = GetFolderItem(YourPathVariable, yourPathMode)

Thanks Alex! Do I understand that right: yourPathMode would for example be URLPath? That doesn’t work, as the debugger says this method doesn’t exist. “URLPath” in quotation marks doesn’t work either. What am I missing?

Take a quick look at the documentation.
From there you can see that yourPathMode is supposed to be a constant. For URLPath, write:

Dim f As FolderItem = GetFolderItem(YourPathVariable, FolderItem.PathTypeURL)

That works, thank you so much.