Storing files on the server

After unpleasant experiences with other hosts, I am leaning toward Xojo Cloud to host my critical back office, but I need to be able to store files accessible only to the Xojo apps (not in web space).

From reading this section of the forum, I understand SharedDocuments seem to be what I am after: not visible from the web.

My question is how I would place files there. I remember reading FTP is not available.

If I can host my files, I will order Xojo Cloud :slight_smile:

Hi Michel - In the Xojo Cloud control panel you can enable SFTP then upload your files to SharedDocuments with a FTP client.

Your Xojo web app can also place files in SharedDocuments with SpecialFolder: SpecialFolder β€” Xojo documentation

Great. Thank you Jason :slight_smile:

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It was rather easy to deploy my apps. A Paypal IPN listener, and an app for customers to download their purchases.

The only issue I had was with handleURL for the listener, but I found the solution in this channel.

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It’s nice to hear that you got it working!