Storing Dictionary in an Array

I want to store a dictionary into an array but not sure what type I should declare the array property as, should it be variant?

dim myArray() as Dictionary could be a solution?

An array of dictionaries?
dim arr() as dictionary

Edit - What Antonio said.

You could also store Dictionaries within each value of a Dictionary.

dim d1 as new Dictionary
dim d2 as new Dictionary

d1.Value( "d2" ) = d2
d2.Value( "d1" ) = d1
// Yeah, don't do that

Ok I will try and do a dictionary within a dictionary method and see how that goes, thanks.

I am getting an error just trying to store a result in a dictionary that I have created as a property of a web page. It all compiles file but I get an “Nil Object” error when the following line is run but I cant see why because I know the data is being passed back. Can anyone see anything wrong with the line? Do you have to do anything before you use a property that is a dictionary?

LinnworksOrderData.Value("TaxGBP") = format(data.Field("TaxGBP").DoubleValue, "###,###,###.00")

Have you done
LinnworksOrderData=new dictionary


thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That was it. It must be time to stop for the day because I have been going mad trying to see what I was missing. Glass of Italian wine calling :wink:

Oh my wife (who is half Italian) has just told me it is never just a glass on a Saturday night, she said its a bottle of good Italian wine as a minimum, she said it is written into Italian law!!!

Your wife is a very wise woman. Heed her advice.