StoreKitMBS Sample code for Desktop App?

Hi all and @Christian_Schmitz -

Is there a sample setup using StoreKitMBS on a Desktop app that doesn’t offer in-app purchases - specifically using MBS 23.5 with Xojo 22r4? I see the In-App purchase sample, but that gets a bit nebulous for what I need to do.

More Info: - I just need receipt verification and “add a review” features.


Please check the AppReceiptVerificatorMBS class and related AppReceiptMBS class about the verification.

And check requestReview method in StoreKitMBS module.

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Ah - so it’s far simpler than I thought - basically:

Dim appReceipt As New AppReceiptVerificatorMBS
If Not appReceipt.verifyAppReceipt Then
  // Handle appReceipt.FailReason if needed
End If

And, by using ExitApp, we get the App Store open/sign in dialog automatically.

Now to get to grips with the TestFlight stuff.