Stop Listbox from auto scrolling

I have a listbox with a fixed row height
I want 10 rows to be visible at all times
the height of the listbox is (rowHeight*10)+2, this seems to be the point where scrollbars DO NOT appear with 10 or less active rows

HOWEVER… if I have more than 10 active rows, and the listbox is scrolled down a bit.
If I click on the last visible row, everything is good… that row lights up, and the listbox does not move
BUT if I click on any row above that… then the row I clicked scrolls to the bottom, leaving my mouse pointing where that row HAD been

How can I insure that the listbox will not scroll just because I clicked a cell… it should only scroll when I grab the scrollbar and move it

SOLVED… perhaps this is a hack but it seems to work… if anyone has a cleaner idea, would love to hear it.

in the MOUSE DOWN even of the listbox


at the END of the CellClick Event