Still some problems with web app in 2018R2

Hi, I’ve got another case of a web app that runs if built under 2017R3 but under 2018R2 it just ramps up to 100% cpu and the page never loads.

I have a single button that prints text to a label. It works under 2017R3 and 2018R2.

If I change it so that the button now reads a 1-wire temperature sensor (DS18B20) and prints the temperature to the label then if built under 2018R2 the page never loads. Building under 2017R3 works as expected.

Any thoughts?

<> Xojo 100% cpu usage on web apps running on ARM
<> 2018r1.1 Console Remote debugger for Linux-Arm crash after config (Fatal error during phase 1 unwinding)

They are both still a problem for me in 2018r2. If they are for you too, please add comments to the cases or create new cases.

Frederick, sorry I haven’t had a chance to do this yet as I have had to roll back to 2017R3 to get my project working. Once that’s finished I will do some experimenting and add comments to those cases.