Still: How to get the length of a string literal?

Still not possible to do as we could in API1:
foo = Len(“Emile”)

Other entry, two years ago:

var s as string = "test"
system.DebugLog s.length.ToString

I’m pretty sure I read an answer to this problem but I don’t remember.
It was something like
MyLen = String("Test string").lenght

I think it is actually:

MyLen = ctype("Test string", String).length

Thank you all.

The answers are creatives. I have another word to qualify some of them, but I prefer to use Michel’s solution (shortest, and clear / easy to read / easy to write).

Why my head is moving from left to right and right to left ?

BTW: I needed the length to position the Cursor after that text in a TextArea to insert some String there…