stdout = nul when app is "daemonized"?

If I have a bunch of stdout.write statements in a Xojo linux console application and then I issue an “app.daemonize” command, where does the output of my stdout.write statements go?

I’m assuming that stdout gets set to nul when the console application is deaemonized but I’d like confirmation. I’m wondering if it is safe to leave the stdout.write statements in-place or if I should add logic to suppress them when running as a daemon?


Since no one has responded, I’m left to wonder if my question was too vague or confusing. All I am trying to determine is this:

Is it ok/safe for a daemonized Xojo application to write to stdout?

Since a daemonized Xojo application isn’t running in a terminal session, where does the stdout output go?


If you think about it, it makes sense that stdout be inactivated when an app is not running in the terminal. Chances are the stdout writing then goes to nul:.

BTW I have searched stackoverflow with “app deamonized stdout”, and there seems to be a dozen or so threads about that. You may want to check that out.