Status Icon Is Not Embedded?

Can anyone tell me what “Status Icon Is Not Embedded” means and how to fix this? It only occurs in Linux (both Mint and Raspberry Pi).


Where do you see that error?

Hi Greg.
Hope you are feeling better!
I see it when the application starts up.


Dialog or command line?

Neither - GUI

[quote=401151:@Tim Seyfarth]Neither - GUI
But in your GUI app, where did that error appear? Was it presented in a dialog? Or some other way?

Sorry Greg, misunderstood.
It was a dialog box with and button.

Also, Tim, what version of Xojo? I’m not seeing that in 4 apps built with 18r2 on any platform.

Some apps will not run with any if the 2018 releases.

Never saw that in the 2017r3 apps, either.

Is this in a built app or running in the debugger? If a built app, have you tried starting it a terminal to see if more info gets spit out?

Both -
I will try with terminal.


Tim, I can’t make that out, could you copy and paste the text instead of a screenshot?

If Tim takes time, Tim, you can display the image (Right-Click Display image or something similar) and read (sometimes I use a magnifying glass to help reading in my Retina screen).

@Tim Seyfarth
The size of the original screenshot is reduced to fit on the forum.
You can make the picture clickable to show the picture in its original size.

[url=<picture link>][img]<picture link>[/img][/url]

In your case:


A little bigger:

Got it - that is definitely something in the Xojo framework, but I’m not seeing it on any of my tests using 17r3, 18r1.1, or 18r2. I’m using SLED 15, CentOS 7.5, CentOS 6.10, Mint 18.2, and Ubuntu 18.04 with Cinnamon.

Are you trying to use any accessibility options?

Wait… the last line there says “gtk_status_icon_is_embedded”

Ah, now that makes a lot more sense.

gtk_status_icon_is_embedded is the name of a gtk3 Function which returns true or false depending on whether no not an icon was added to the status bar. It looks like certain distributions/desktop managers have either deprecated or removed this call.

So on Linux Mint… are you using Cinnamon, MATE or Xfce?

Sorry for the delay guys!
I am using what is recommending Mint for compiling, but running on Pi. Same result BTW when compiled in Windows.

Question - in Linux how do I get the exact OS? I know how in Windows but not Linux.