Static Images will not display in main app menu

I have added a couple of images to my main application menu. When I’m in the Xojo editor and testing it the images display just fine, but when I compile it and run my executable (after I’ve tested/ran my install) the images won’t show up. I’m using the exact same file structure in the compiled version as I am when in development (the editor). I’ve used an ImageWell for both.

One image is my logo…user clicks on it and it goes to my website. The link works fine even though the image doesn’t paint. The other image is used to launch another piece of my application. Again…the app launches when you click over the blank image. So the links work fine…just no images will paint.

Any suggestions anyone?

Oh… it’s a Windows Desktop App

How are you assigning the images to the ImageWells? In code? In the IDE?