I have a (legacy) solution written several years ago in which is an SMTP server. Part of the solution includes responding to the STARTTLS command which effectively converts the active client socket from plain to SSL.
I’ve tried this within Xojo but hit the roadblock which has been previously reported here, but due to the age of the case I assume its low priority - .

Does anyone know if any Xojo plugins exist that allow a multi-client TCP server, which can convert the client sockets to SSL part way through?

Have you checked the Chilkat plugin? .

Thanks @Beatrix_Willius. I must have missed the ConvertToSSL method on their examples! I was hoping that maybe MBS supported it as I’m looking to purchase those anyway.

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You can ask Christian. I do that many times if I think that I missed something.

@Christian_Schmitz is this possible with the MBS plugins?

Yes. With MBS Xojo CURL Plugin we can send email and do STARTTLS when using TLS for connection.

I believe they’re asking about the server-side.

Oh, sorry, then we can’t help.

Thanks for confirming @Christian_Schmitz