Starting XOJO on Raspberry

I am on Raspberry Pi 3. have downloaded the XOJO distribution file and extracted all the files. When I click on the XOJO executable, I get asked if I want to run in the IDE or in a Terminal. Whichever I select, nothing happens after that. Do I need to enable anything else? PS - new to raspberry and many years since I used Linux.

The Xojo IDE will not run on the Pi. It can build executables for the Pi from Linux, Mac, Windows.

Oh! Thank you. So I install the Windows version, and then identify the target machine as a Pi3?

Yes indeed. You can build from Windows to any platform.

Thanks, Bob & Mathias.

While I don’t recommend it, you CAN run Xojo up to version 2017r2.1 (32-bit) on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ using Exagear. It’s sluggish, but usable, which leads me to think that the Raspi hardware of the 3B+ has finally grown up enough to warrant looking at native installation. I believe without the Exagear emulation layer, an ARM-compiled Xojo should run at speed. Of course, it’s 32-bit, and the world is moving on to 64-bit…

Oddly enough, the Raspberry Pi since the 2B v1.2 has been a 64-bit machine, but the Raspberry Pi folks want to ensure compatibility across all models and are sticking with a 32-bit kernel. That being said, SUSE does have an officially supported 64-bit OS image for the Raspi 3 (not the 3B+ yet). There are also a couple of open source attempts; Bamarni/Pi64 for the Raspi 3 (again, not the 3B+) and a really nice Gentoo image from Sakaki that can be easily installed by image with Etcher or using PINN (the NOOBS fork).

So, whaddaya say Mr. Lefebvre? Any chance we may see a native ARM Xojo for the Raspi 3/3B+ anytime? :@)