Starting up 2022R11 in API 1 mode

How does one create a new project in the recent releases of Xojo while indicating we wish to use API 1 instead of the default, API 2? I know we can do this using a previous version of Xojo as the starting point, but I am hoping there is a way to do it without going through that additional step

There is a fix for the next Xojo release that will allow you to open an API 1 template and save the project in API 1.

68496 - Saving a template should not force update it the min project version to API 2

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In a new project you can also search for „desktop“ and replace it with „nothing“ (an empty replace field). Don‘t forget to activate „Show Menu Bar“ for Window1.

Until then there is a property setting that you can set manually that will show API 1 in AutoComplete.


I think this should be a project setting; in newer API-2-only projects I don’t want to see API-1 stuff.


I agree 100%. This would solve all my issues!

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Would be nice to have a per-project setting with checkboxes to:

  • show API1 autocomplete
  • show API2 autocomplete
  • show API1 deprecations

For example, if I’m updating from API1 to API2, I may want to have both avilable. If I’m staying in API1, I would prefer to keep API2 info hidden.


Requested and suggested before API 2 has been released…: <>
Status: Open :wink:


At least they have not “archived” it.

But given Geoff’s comments on feedback and the fact that in 2.5 years they have not implemented it, I doubt it will happen.


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Those who are interested should revisit this during the next beta phase to ensure that this fix works in the way they expect/desire.