Starting up 2018R1

Starting up Xojo 2018R1 takes almost 3 times as long as before, 1:20 min!
Putting the mouse over the intro window showing ‘Loading frameworks’, it is always ‘beach-balling’.
Anyone haveing the same issue?

Yes, not me, check the other thread…

I am using a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile D9510 with Core 2 DUO 2.4, 6 GB ram and 240 GB SSD.

With this almost 10 years old laptop running Windows 7, it takes something less than 45 seconds to startup. This is acceptable for me.

I have the impression that Xojo is using the hard disk heavily. The SSD is the reason I can still use the latest programs without any problems. The only problem I have is the very slow typing speed in Xojo.

I hope you will find the cause for your problem.

buy an ssd for your main computer before buying a xojo licence … :wink:

My MacBook has 251GB SSD, and sure I have a licence, btw. My point was, that it takes much longer than the Xojo 2017/3.

these slowdown can be plugins related. how many do you have ?
try to remove them (by family or editor) and see if it improves.

I tried without any plug-ins, and it took only 10 seconds to launch.
That must be it! Thanks.

But thats a reason, not a solution.
If you use plugins, it is slower now than it used to be.

Just a guess here… but could it be that because the default is now 64bit… that
perhaps if some of the plugins are still 32bit it takes a second for Xojo to figure that out now?
or if the plugins are in fact all 64bit. might it be that they are larger now?

just guessing

Indeed the IDE tries to load 32bit first, fails and than tries 64Bit. I see the error messages on console…

And Xojo has grown compared to 2017/4 from 1.17GB to 1.6GB…!