Started My Journey!

Just finished up Chapter 7 of the book and I am loving Xojo! I’ve been posting on the Xojo Reddit sub daily and I’m about 5 days in. I’m finding the language and IDE thinks how I think so things are clicking for me quickly. I’ve been able to sort out all my issues on my own so far as well. But the biggest thing is I am having a lot of fun with this language! I’m able to do so much so quickly and I can’t wait to get further in for the advanced stuff. Obviously, if anyone has any tips I am all ears as it were!


Glad to hear it. Your experience mirrors mine and, I suspect, a lot of others too.

As you inevitably encounter roadblocks, please raise them here. You’ll find this community is eager to help.


Thank you! Definitely helps to give me a bit of confidence knowing I’m treading on a similar path as others

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Welcome, @John_R_Luko! Xojo is indeed fun and empowering, and as Kem mentioned, this community is super-helpful


Thanks! I look forward to interacting with the community!

Searching this forum will give you tons of useful tips and tricks and teach you a lot about Xojo.

What book?

PDF, that is updated regularly by the Xojo team, for free and it’s pretty good actually. Gives you enough to get started, but forces you to do an occasional lookup or entices you to go a bit further by letting your imagination think of things you’d like the program they provided the code for to do by adding your own stuff.

Thanks John, I’ll check it out.


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Happy to report I have finished the book! I was very happy with it because it covered a lot of topics other languages don’t touch in their beginners literature. My favorite part of the book was them covering making a custom component. I was floored to see that and can see various possibilities for it. Tomorrow I begin my database redesign and maybe begin my Xojo Web App to replace a job tracker I built with Django for work.

Any other book suggestions for a beginner?

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Best learning is by doing.

What is amazing is that a book written decades ago, by Matt Neuburg, remains an excellent overview of object oriented programming and Xojo (REALBasic).

The language has evolved considerably since the last version of that book was written so it is better in the context of just trying to grasp overall concepts rather than the specifics of code.

I still think that it is worthwhile reading for the beginner to Xojo if you can find it used. IMO no-one since has been able to put together a book at this level for the language. It was a huge help to me.


Not that I am the greatest Xojo programmer alive but feel free to look at some of my open source projects I have had fun making. Might give you some ideas! Enjoy the tinkering and let me know of bugs :slight_smile:

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