Start up or wake Mac at a certain time

I have a backup program that I wrote that runs at 2:01 am, so I get the Mac to wake itself up 2 am, but there must be a better way. Is there a way to place a time into the OS to get it to start (or wake) the computer at a given time? For example:

[code]doSetStartUpTime(myStartUpTime As Date) 'using only the time portion of the date

doSetWakeUpTime(myStartUpTime As Date) 'using only the time portion of the date[/code]

What about Windows and Linux — I assume they cannot start themselves up automatically, but can you get them to Wake up at a certain time?

Negative for windows, you have to go into BIOS to conduct a scheduled boot up…

I would expect on Mac you need root permissions…

see “man pmset” in Terminal.

MBS Plugin has classes to monitor sleep/wake with events and functions to ask Mac not to go to sleep (NSProcessInfoMBS activity)

It seems link I’ll have to skip the feature on Windows and try a ‘pmset’ Shell command in MacOS X (and possibly Linux).

I would prefer the computer to be fully asleep before a backup rather than keep the OS and app awake 24/7.