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On Mac Mojave 10.14.5
Xojo 2019 1.1
When creating a new Desktop project, the new project, first it appears the window1, then flash black all window project, and then it recovers.
It’s just a flash but happens always and it does not seem to have any effect on the project, but it’s bizarre.

Not really new. It’s a macOS thing as Apple does something odd when showing a window. Came up a couple of times here in the forum.

Well, I posted as new because while I was using Xojo 2018r3 this was not happening, it has been when I updated to 2019 1.1 that started .

I’m using 2018r3 and see it there, too, occasionally.

Now, with 1.1 it happens always.
well, as it’s not having any effect on projects…
Thanks for answering.

This is a side effect of updating the macOS SDK from 10.9 to 10.14 in Xojo 2018r4. macOS is less tolerant of things blocking the main thread than it used to be and the project creation code does block in some places.

We’ve made some small IDE improvements recently which should make this a little better in the future.

were these improvements in 19r1.1 that was just released? or in a future unnamed release?

In a recent (ended last week ?) Conversation about a bug (Listbox TextPaint, etc. bug), people wanted right now a Xojo .1 version. be released as soon as possible…

They got it (in Xojo 2019r1.1) and no one thank nor Xojo nor the Xojo engineers.

I think (but I may be wrong) that Xojo 2019r2 will come in June (tomorrrow will be June 1st) or so… “With a Little Luck” *, you (all affected persons) will probably get a faster release: be prepared to be happy :wink:

It’s a future release.