Be aware that there are two Starbucks in the Monte Carlo. One in the food court, and another, quieter one on the way to the Aria.

If you have to ask me why you’d care, we have very little in common…

My directions to Dana this morning as to where to meet me in the airport…“pass the first Starbucks and meet me in front of the second Starbucks, I’ll have vanilla flavored caffeine ready for you.”

Vanilla flavoured coffee is an abomination and is an insult to the greatness that is caffeine

I totally agree, Patrick! But Dana needed her fix and we are a team after all!

To be clear, it was not a coffee with vanilla flavoring. It was more or less a vanilla latte, and it was delicious.

I kill for vanilla latte with whole milk (or what I call a real vanilla latte).

and I have used both of them… I am addicted to caffeine…

Scott - you about? Thought you couldn’t make it this year?

As did I. Perhaps he meant in the past?