Standalone Web App Multiple IPs on Windows PORT 80

I need to run 2 Web Apps on a Windows server both on port 80. I have 2 IP addresses on my Virtual Machine but they are on the same NIC. The command line parameter for a standalone Web App indicates you can assign it to a NIC but not a specific IP.

This is on a VPS so I don’t have much control adding a new NIC.

Is this possible?

It seems that the parameter --NetworkInterfaceIndex = x does not do anything to the original IP. No matter what value I use the first IP address is always accessible and the second is not.

If I use NO parameters then both IP addresses are accessible.

Any insight would be appreciated

I don’t have specifics, but maybe something like HAProxy would be able to route the port 80 requests (based on IP) to the specific standalone app (running on separate ports).

You answered your own question when you said you had ONE network interface and TWO IP addresses.

Your host may be able to install another virtual NIC for you and assign your second IP to it. If that is not possible then you will need a reverse proxy like Paul recommended. You would then forward to the appropriate app.

One suggestion for reverse proxy on Windows is install the Abyss web server. It should be able to differentiate between the IP’s that clients requested. An added benefit is it can easily help you setup SSL for your two applications.

If you reverse proxy behind IIS you can bind each site to an individual IP address and forward to your standalone web app on its own port.

I am running Abyss and wanted to get away from CGI because of performance issues. I know it could forward the request for a specific domain name to a stand alone app on a specific port but I was hoping that would not be necessary.

Since this is Windows I don’t think HAProxy is an option (Linux only?).

I have written my own little stand alone proxy/load balancer that can forward requests to a specific stand alone app using a ShowURL. It reads and selects the round robin targets based on the incoming domain/URL. It has a totally dumb round robin load balance feature to rotate among 1-n target standalone apps. The configuration allows from 1 to as many as you would like to configure in the round robin list for each domain/URL. Early testing says it works but I was hoping for something simpler.

I have opened a ticket with my hosting company to see if I can get a second NIC.

Thanks for confirming what I thought might be the solutions.