StackView 1.06 is now available!

Today I released version 1.06 of the StackView classes for Xojo.

This update contains some significant internal changes, so owners of the previous version are recommended to upgrade to the current version 1.06 (they receive the update for free by e-mail).

The classes enable a StackView, similar to Apple’s NSStackView, to be used natively across platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux) with the help of ContainerControls. New in this version is support for Microsoft Windows, which requires Xojo Release 2018.1 or higher, as this version takes big steps forward in reducing flickering under Windows. The StackView was tested under Windows 10. The demo project was optimized for all three platforms. If the project is executed or compiled for Windows, the method PrepareForWindows takes over all adjustments for the controls within the StackView to create a flicker-free version.
Under Linux, the controls of the demo project automatically adapt to the system sizes of the respective distribution.

[h]Version 1.06[/h]

  • [Win] Microsoft Windows Support (only if using Xojo Version >= 2018.1 - no more flicker)
  • [macOS] Removed unused horizontal NSScroller when using UseNSScroller
  • [All] Updated Documentation
  • [Demo] Removed bugs & optimized Demo Project
  • [Demo] Get current Linux System to handle e.g. different Control sizes on “Linux Mint”, “Ubuntu” & “Fedora”

[h]How to purchase?[/h]
Just write me a private message at the Xojo Forum ( with your valid e-mail address. I’ll sent you the invoice about 15 € and after purchasing via PayPal you’ll get the unencrypted source code.

Demo project


Looks great Martin! Just wanted to alert you that there’s a bit of a bug in your demo… When using the “expand all” button, the disclosure triangles in the “Apple” simulation don’t update.

Thank you, Reuben, for the praise.
That’s not a bug. I deliberately didn’t implement this to show that you have to take care of it yourself if you don’t use custom stack headers as in the Microsoft example.

I still appreciate feedback from Windows users and suggestions for improvement.

is it possible to have a demo for the windows 10 please???

Sure. Please read the Description above and you‘ll find the Demo Link. It runs only in Debug Mode.

i need to install xojo on windows… and run it on debug mode…
got you… sorry to interrupt you.

Yes, it’s easy to test your Projects on different platforms, using Xojos Remote Debugger (using virtualization software without need to install Xojo on each platform). An introduction can be found here Remote Debugging

so i can use remote debugging for stack view too… i have done remote debugging on the windows before… did not realise i can do that while testing stack view

@Martin T : very nice work !.
On windows 10 I see that it is possible to have acceptable scrolling, even with 2018R1, but … it’s quite slow and if you use the Add button on the separate window to add multiple controls (+10), I see you run you into the same performance issues as I experienced with my scrolling cc’s on Windows.
Anyway, I will buy tomorrow, when in office, since it’s just great stuff.

@Martin T : the demo video seems to skip the Apple panel?

Yes, but you can be sure, it works also well like the other panels :wink:

Another small optimization under Windows would be to replace the ImageWell in the Apple example with an own one, as shown here, for example: Create Your Own ImageWell Based on Canvas

Xojo also advises against using ImageWells to reduce flickering under Windows!

I love this - Man, where were you 2 months ago? I’ve just completed my own implementation of something similar and your 15 Euros is a bargain compared to the hours that we spent …

Thank you for the praise, Tim. Two months ago the StackView classes already existed;)
As for the price, this is my first addon and I didn’t know what price was or is appropriate. Therefore I am happy about a tip and feedback to the classes.

[h]New Online Documentation[/h]
The documentation and all information about the StackView are now available online at the following link: