Stability of XOJO

Thanks to all who replied. Reminds me of the Real Basic culture way back then. Good to see the culture has continued :slight_smile:

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Yes, on the Xojo website.

Search for Archives…

Xojo new refreshed plugins able to handle newer database protocols and features comes with newer Xojo editions. I’m not sure what versions of MySQL the embedded connector at Realbasic 5.5 can handle. Create a VM and install the latest MySQL there and play with it. Maybe compatible, maybe not. Current PostgreSQL I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

What do you mean by “on my login” ? I don’t get where you are looking.

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Not stable. The problem with the current release model is that you never have a final release, it is all in constant change so you have to choose what bugs you can work around and skip many releases to stay with the one that better suits your needs.

Windows has a great backwards compatibility, first test if your proyect works in windows 11 without changes.

Stable yes, I use Xojo on Windows xp to 11, Web, PI and Mac
Are there areas that need improvement, yes yes for sure but that will always be since technology changes daily.

The only real answer is if you test what you need and discover for yourself if Xojo meets your needs.

Just like any frameworks we all have to test for our needs and clients, don’t let others discourage you, test for yourself

Stable, debatable. :smile:

It takes me several releases to choose and pick one as “the most stable of that period” at least for crucial features as math, database, printing, graphics…

We had things that works in version x and got broken in version y, then are fixed again in version z.

The secret to know how stable things are is keeping an eye in the Issues Tracker.

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But is that any different from any other framework?

Well Ivan was writing a reply but guess he dismissed it?

HUGE differences, most other frameworks have a Major release that have bugfixes becomming more stable with time, that is why they call STABLE releases.

But with the xojo rapid release system, mixing regresions, bugfixes and new features, even by definition, they dont have any stable release.

So, you have to pick the most stable for your current workload.


Not a huge difference,
Xojo has releases, then patch releases to fix major bugs
You have a personal vengeance and do not want to give credit where credit is due so why come here over and over just to bash on a tool you say you use???

And no saying because you hope it will improve the product is not an excuse

Karen, if you are replying about being 20+ years of being a user I will say the same

The last version Keith was using (5.5.5) was one of the of the most stable versions of Xojo/REALBasic ever released IMO… I still remember it fondly!

The biggest issue is that he wants to update an App written in that which I guess is on the large side.

While (if he sticks with API 1) the changes to the language are not that large so updating for that would not be too difficult … but Windows UI could be an issue.

Back then Windows Graphics were much faster than on the Mac… The change to Direct2D changed that. Besides rendering speed the change with how transparency is handled on Windows (pseudo- transparency) is problematic with common UI techniques that were used back then… And handling windows flickering issues has changed significantly.

There could also need to be adjustments made for modern security requirements.



ok so let the developer move forward and no reason to discourage them

I’m not discouraging him. I’m just pointing where he is likely to have to concentrate if he goes that route.

fair enough
We can at least agree to encourage them in Xojo :slight_smile: