SSRS MS Reporting Services

I’m trying to use MS Reporting Services reports.
I use a WebLink, copying the path to the report and it function.
But, i’m viewing all the path in the link and then at browser, and if i want to pass a parameter within the link , it result visible to all
It’s posible to insert Report Viewer Control (Reporting Services) in Xojo?


You could add a HTMLViewer Control to your application and use the LoadURL function to get the content of the report without showing the address.

Thanks Wayne.
I had tried with HTMLViewer Control, but ReportViewer accused an error, was neccesary to open in another tab-window, and the link was exposed.
Then, I have been able to run ReportViewer with a parameter to receive the result in PDF format, and this result was able to display in the HTMLViewer Control.
This just the beggining…
I will be trying the different options.
Thanks again.