SSLConnectionType and SSLSocket.SSLConnectionTypes.SSLv23

I see that for SSLSocket.SSLConnectionTypes.SSLv23, neither the old nor the new docs any longer refer to the property that by specifying SSLv23, you are asking the other end to negotiate the connection protocol. Anyone know if there’s a reason for that?

Human error? SSLv23 still “negotiates” the connection, but keep in mind that most public servers require at least TLSv1.2 now so negotiating is a moot point.

True, but I’ll keep it in, in the hope that if/when Xojo implements higher versions those get incorporated into SSLv23. Although a more appropriate name would be better, too.

it’s just an enum. They could easily make a second value for that item called “Negotiate” or something like that.

Precisely my feeling.