SSL support

Before I worry about it… Does Xojo (Desktop) support SSL protocol for https and sftp?

HTTPS is supported via the HTTPSecureSocket class, and in the new framework via the Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket class which also supports HTTP/1.1 and SSL certificate validation.

(S)FTP is not supported by default. You will need to use a third-party library like libcurl, through a plugin, declares, or by running curl commands in a shell.

MBS CURL plugin gives you all the control about SSL you may need.
We use it a lot with SFTP here.

Mike, Thanks. As always, code snippets help. Thanks for the links.

Christian, ditto. do you have any code snippets you might share for CURL.

I think I like this forum.

Christian, thanks. Not quite ready to go the plugin route to get CURL up and running. However, how to embed or execute scripts for curl or other native programs on the PC/Mac interests me greatly. I don’t see a control to allow me to embed a ‘shell script’.

Andrew, thanks. Again with the snippet request. I’m interested in providing a simple viewer using something similar to loadURL
in the HTMLViewer class. The odd ball here is that the https port is not 443 but rather 56xxx on our LAN.

For code snippets download the mbs plugins and search the examples folder for curls.

Thanks Oliver. I sent the monkeybreadsoftware folks an email. I need an EDU license or discount to pick it up for the school.

You can run the mbs examples in the ide without needing a license. Test before buying …