SSL Client connection failure


We have a setup running apache (using mamp pro) that serves up an ssl site that uses a self-signed certificate.
On this site there is a .php file (to test we just put one in there that echoes some text back).
From browsers we can connect fine (although we get a warning because we use a self-signed certificate).
We can’t get this to work from Xojo Web (preferably) but also not from Xojo Desktop.
The socket does connect (we receive that event) but after that we receive a http code 403.
Even though it works fine from browsers with an authentication password, we have removed the password authentication also so it is just plain ssl.
Moving the php to a non-ssl site everything works from Xojo.
Any suggestions as to what we can check, test or try are very welcome.


What kind of socket are you using to connect?

We are using the HTTPSecureSocket.
For the SSL connection the secure property is set to true.
Connecting to normal http, which works, we set the property to false.

Also we have tried all the connectionTypes, but that doesn’t make a difference.
When set to the SSL variants (instead of TLS), the connect also fails.

You should find out why the web server is returning 403 forbidden- perhaps you are calling a slightly different URL or its expecting a particular user-agent…

What makes it strange and therefore I’m expecting is might have something to do with Xojo is that I can in fact access the ssl url fine from different browsers.
And I am calling the exact same URL in both the browser and Xojo.
As I thought it might have something to do with the authentication, I remove the restriction that it can only be accessed with a name/password. So now it’s just plain https / ssl no authentication and with a self-signed certificate.