Square API & Web App

Hey All! I am currently learning how to use APIs within web apps. I am pretty new to web apps as most of my history has been with desktop apps on Xojo. I am looking for any resources or even sample code for connecting web projects to different APIs.

If anyone has experience connecting to Square API in particular I would love to connect 1:1 and pick your brain a little bit. Or hire you to create a small sample app.

I appreciate your help! Thanks!

Hi Jordan, I didn’t see any responses, are you still looking for some help on this one? I’m traveling for a couple days, but I will watch this post. I’ve worked on several Web Apps that make use of connecting and exchanging data with other services. I’ve not used the Square API but I’m willing to bet it’s not much different than most APIs. Hope to be of help.

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you’re talking about https://www.squarespace.com ?
didn’t see any apis

Hey all! I didnt get this working the way I want. Developer APIs: Payments, Orders, Customers - Square is the API.

I have a pizzeria and Square is limited when it comes to its tools for pizzerias. So my intentions are to initially add some financial portions in to my Xojo Web built manager panel where my managers countdown drawers, do tip outs, have a safe log etc. Then eventually build out a better website for pizza building.

Hi Jordan,

Do you have your sandbox all set up and ready for testing? If so then maybe a good place to start is:

Step 2.2: Make a test API call and take a payment

…if you can get thru this step, generating a working Request and Response, then (if you’re comfortable with the idea) paste the URL and Request/Response text into this thread. I’d be happy to take a crack at translating it into something XOJO-based.

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