Am New to Xojo… I have created the Database & connect to my project as below

Dim db As New SQLiteDatabase

Dim dbFile As FolderItem = GetOpenFolderItem(“TCP_GSM.sqlite”)

If dbFile <> Nil And dbFile.Exists Then
db.DatabaseFile = dbFile

If db.Connect Then
MsgBox(“Connected to database successfully!”)
MsgBox("DB Connection Error: " + db.ErrorMessage)
End If

End If

Its working fine… but i want connect the database directly , not via folderItem…

Help me out …

GetFolderItem ?

I Hope that is FolderItem

Open Dialogue box ----> to connect the DB file

What does that mean? You don’t want to display the dialog? Then use GetFolderItem instead of GetOpenFolderItem. Otherwise, please explain what you want in more detail.


I have saved the SQlitedatabase in my Desktop… If I run with above code dialog box was open , then i have to select my database and open.

Actually I want to connect my DB directly(If I run the application , my database will connect automatically) to my Application

( Shall i give my DB path in coding?)

If the database is in a predetermined path, you can bypass the dialog and use some combination of GetFolderItem / SpecialFolder / FolderItem.Child to get to it. For example, if the database is in the user’s Desktop with a fixed name, you can use

Dim dbFile As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("TCP_GSM.sqlite")

Thank u Tim… Its working fine… This what i expect… Thanks a lot…