SQLite Update?

Hello all,

I must be brain dead - its been a while since I worked with SQLite and have forgotten how to perform an update! Can anyone provide the sample code to perform an update to an existing record?

Thank you

Maybe take a look at SQL UPDATE Statement

Thanks Scott.

I looked in the help - thinking there was a built in function, but nothing…

Much appreciated!

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This might also be useful for you:


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Sometimes, the universe is against you.

Sometimes ago, I took the API2 examples from the LR, build an SQLite db, imported data, check with my own tool and read a barrier: I only had the last added Record, after asting many hours.

Some days later, I discovered garbish code (Pig Coding ?). After reading the 15 lines or so, I was asking myself how this can do something.

A reformat session later (some minutes) and the code was fine. I added code to read the db contents sorted on two columns and was happy with the result.

I had two or three lmore examples of “working against odds”… (or bad days).

Eyes or Brain do not wanted to work correctly for unklnow reason.

Of course, good and simple documentation always help. I will read it. Thank you.