SQLite suddenly a readonly database?

Hello all,

In a web app, suddenly I am getting an error while trying to update a SQLIte database - “clsdefaults_controller.Update attempt to write a readonly database, SQL Err”. The target is Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi). The permissions for the folder and the database is 0775.

I have not had this problem before, and would appreciate any direction to find and fix the cause.

Thank you!

did you solve this problem?

Hi Ralph.
Sorry for the late reply - Yes I did find the problem, and should have posted it but got caught up in other things. The issue WAS permissions, specifically the owner of the file. Once changed, it all worked as it did. The problem was caused by loading a new database file, instead of overwriting an existing.

Hope that helps you!

I’m trying to change the owner of the database from 0 to 1000 but in FTP but am getting don’t have permission error


0 would indicate that it’s owned by root, and only a root user can change it to something else.