SQLite SQLDatabaseMBS multi-user

I know how to set up a Xojo SQLiteDatabase as multi-user (db.MultiUser = True), but how do you set up an SQLDatabaseMBS database as multi-user?

multi user? with SQLite?

SQLexecute “PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;” and you changed to WAL mode.

Thank you. I often have two or more apps (e.g. one main, plus a ReportWriter and a Scheduler app) accessing the one SQLite database.


David, I assume what you mean by multi-user is not really many user/machine using one database but one database use by multi program access on one machine.

I have two WebApps and one Console app accessing the one SQLite database at the same time. It is not shared on a network server or anything dodgy like that. Multiple users can connect into the WebApp at once. The SQLite database is opened once at startup then each Session creates their own recordSets from that one app.db database. Their usage is light as it mainly holds connection settings data through to a series of Postgres databases.

So it is multi-user in that three Xojo applications are accessing the one SQLite database at the one time.