SQLite Select appears to get only 1 Row in ResultSet

I have a simple Database app (SQLite) that adds and selects records from a database. My first Xojo app (I did write a Realbasic2007 app some time ago…)

I have a simple method that populates a listbox with the data in a recordset which is populated by running a SQL SElect statement.

The code that populates the recordset is included below:

Dim stmt As PreparedSQLStatement = Self.Prepare("SELECT LastName, MaidenName, FirstName, Page , entryAudTS from entries where indexID = ? order by entryAudTS desc")
stmt.BindType(0, SQLitePreparedStatement.SQLITE_TEXT)
Dim rs As RecordSet = stmt.SQLSelect
msgbox ("Record Count: " + str(rs.RecordCount) + " for index id " +str(App.IndexID))
Return rs

I am able to browse my SQLite database and run the same query and prove that it should be returning multiple rows, but every time this code executes I get a message box that says “Record Count: 1 for index id 1”) Anything jumping out at folks as to something that is wrong with this code?

I should also note that this was working earlier today, until some point when I Was working on adding the “entryAudTS” field to my listbox. In a “normal” world I’d go back and look at a previous version of the file, but whereas this is more or less of a learning project, I have not put any code into source control yet :frowning:

Since your IndexID variable seems to be an integer, you should be using SQLITE_INTEGER for the bind type.

Thanks. Jay. I was working from some of the example projects in Xojo and missed that “little” detail.