SqLite printf problem

I’m having a problem with the SqLite printf element, which I need to use to format part of the result in an SqLite query.

My code is:

var rs as RowSet = app.db.SelectSQL("
SELECT person.id, person.name, person.surname, person.age, sum(Invoices.amount)
FROM invoices
INNER JOIN person on person.id = invoices.customer
GROUP by person.surname
ORDER by " + Sortby)

I’ve split the query into separate lines to aid readability. It is one line in the original

Sortby is a variable containing one of the fieldnames, to determine the sort order. The rowset is displayed in a 5 column listbox.

This code works fine, but if I change ’ sum(Invoices.amount) ’ to ’ printf("%.2f", sum(Invoices.amount)) ’ I get errors, the first of which is that there is a syntax error in this line of code. I need to do this so that I can haver the sum of Invoices figure formatted to 2 places of decimals.

I have used DB Browser for SqLite to test the query, and it works fine with ’ printf("%.2f",sum(Invoices.amount)) ’ & formats the output as it should.

Is there some other way of formatting output in this situation?

Many thanks for any ideas!

If you are passing this overall string to a Xojo method such as SelectSQL, you will need to double up your double-quote characters around the %.2f, thus:

printf(""%.2f"", sum(Invoices.amount))

Thanks you so much! That works perfectly now.

I just wonder if I could have found that in the Xojo documentation ofr elsewhere! I haven’t seen it mentioned

Again many thanks

It’s on the page for string literals (though unless you know what you’re looking for, that might not be easy to find).


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Many thanks again. I don’t think I would ever have found that!

Solution clicked as requested

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