SQLite Forced Reindexing from Scratch

Hi, all!

I am building a library catalog. For the uninitiated, library catalogs are replete with indexes: author, title, subjects, etc. Alas, for indexes become corrupt overtime and they have to have to be or ought to be rebuilt from scratch. I have found on the SQLite website (SQLite.org) a command to do just that, to wit: REINDEX.

Has anyone tried this command with the Xojo databases and if so, what has been the result? Does the Xojo database methods recognize the REINDEX command?

If the Xojo methods don’t work, one way I thought of is to delete the index(es) in question (DROP INDEX) and create tim anew (CREATE INDEX).

Many thanks.

Are you having trouble with calling REINDEX?

They don’t have to. Just do:

db.ExecuteSQL ("reindex")

Possibly add a table name if you wish. See:



Hello, Mr. O’Lone…

Thank you for your response. It is merely that I had not seen it before, and I wanted to know how it worked. That's all. Thanks again.

Hello, Mr. Streater…

Thank you for your response. I am resuming an old project from the RB days that is now ripe for updating, and I saw the REINDEX command on the SQLite.org website. I am glad there is a REINDEX command in the SQL inventory.

Thanks again.

@Charles_Kelley – please don’t put spaces before your paragraphs. It is confusing the forum into thinking that you want that to be a code block and it’s impossible to read on small devices.

Thank you for the advisement, Mr. O’Lone. I’ll refrain from further paragraph signaling reinforcement.