sqlite file not loading in windows 7

Hi All.

The saga of my databse is almost done, but one issue decided to rear its ugly head when I thought I had won.

I created my sqlite database, populated it with data, and then built both my mac and windows apps.
When I take the file and open it in my mac app, the data appears fine. When I go to open it in my windows 7 machine, the database says it opens but I never see any data. When I do a refresh, I still don’t see anything.

I did copy the full database (verified) into my windows .exe folder, and verified that there was data in it with an sqlite browser, but it doesn’t show up in the listbox I have.

If I open the database within the windows machine, and add data, I can see it then. (I’m using the database I copied into the .exe folder)

Any ideas?



I’ve gotta stay out of the horseradish.

The reason there was no data is that I didn’t load the database I filled in.
I pulled copied another database with the same name from the testing folder location.

I’m gonna go have a drink, right now…