SQLite Error codes

Hi… I have an app working that makes use of CubeSQL.

Sometimes I get DB errors… but I am not sure how to understand them… since…

CubeSQL error are in the range 7000-7100. That’s ok. I am not sure if they are documented online but I have an email from Marco with the details of these errors.

But recently I had a Databse Error 5 (?) and a databse error 830 (?), and I am not sure the meaning of them…

Where shoudl I start looking ?

http://sqlite.org/rescode.html may be helpful.

did you query DB.errormessage?? if would have the text of the message, where DB.errorcode has only the number.

in addition, this information (some of it) is easly found with Google

I could find nothing indicating an “830” SQLite error

Thanks for the links ,guys…

@Dave S : yep David, I did. You can see it in the link below.

What about this ?


I used to get that error when the computer that was running cube went to sleep and turned off the hard drive. The only way to solve this was to turn off the “energy” saver features in preferences. That includes app nap. I think 830 sock read= the connection is no longer working.

Hmm… CubeSQL is running on a windows server (desktoppc) so it’s not going to sleep…

Maybe for some reason the server is loosing the connection… but anyway… who is raising that error 830 ?