SQLite editor for OS X?

Does anyone know of a good app to view and edit encrypted SQLite databases?
I am looking for something around $15, as I only use it very occasionally to check / edit the odd database columns etc - nothing more complex than that.


I use http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/ because it was free.

Don’t think that supports encrypted SQLite databases :frowning:

I do not know about that actually.

Navicat Essentials is $20, but I am not sure if it supports encrypted databases. I have Navicat, Pro version or whatever it is called. There is not other database editor as far as I am concerned.

The problem is, it will definitely need to read encrypted databases too :frowning:
Thanks for the info though.

Right, you can check it out on their web site, they probably state somewhere if it does or doesn’t. I am not sure.

Oh dear - does not support encrypted databases :frowning:
Thanks anyway.

I just checked the help file for the regular SQLite version and it says it does support encrypted databases. Navicat is a little pricey, but it is just incredibly intuitive to use in my opinion. I tried a bunch of cheap and free ones and just didn’t like them. A DB editor is just one of those tools that are tough to do with out because you use them so much.

i use SQLiteManager from SQLabs since 2005. Just check and i see option to set the encryption and when i open the data file, it ask for password.

The price though is more than what you want.

are you referring to SQLiteManager for OS X - 49 dollars?
Is that the version you have, and it can def open encrypted?

Were you referring to Navicat for SQLite - Standard, for 99 dollars?

Thanks guys.

HI Richard,

yes… i am referring to SQLiteManager for $49. if you like to make sure, please PM me the link for data file and the password and see if i can open for you.

Thanks Richard - I will do that as soon as I get the chance. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

you are welcome

No, I just checked, I have the enterprise version. But I just looked at their comparison chart:


and it looks like the $20 essentials versions supports encrypted database connections.

Thats weird, I downloaded the Navicat for SQLite trial, and it couldn’t open my encrypted database file?

Navicat only supports AES-128 through wxSQLite3, not AES-256 or RC4.

Looks like SQLiteManager is the best solution or you could roll your own. It is a great learning experience.

Can you try this and tell me if it opens your encrypted db. MesaSQLite:

Provides encryption supported by CubeSQL and SQLite

What I meant to write was : " … supported by cubeSQL (SQLite) and Xojo