SQLite DataBaseException on Win10

i have a problem with Windows10 and SQLite

SA = "Slope" 
SB = "Dist"
SC = "Proz"

Var a As New DatabaseRow
a.Column(SB) = 777 // insert integer values
a.Column(SC) = 10  // insert integer values

  db.AddRow(SA + Str(TrailSelect), a)
  If DB.error Then MsgBox("Double value!")
End Try

On Linux it works, on Win10 i get a Databaseexception.
The database works. I can delete rows, but not add.

I have found that integer values, like string values, should be enclosed in quotes.
Then it works on Linux and Windows in the same way without errors.

With SQLite you can nearly store anything in every type of column when your data sits between quotes.

A DatabaseException is an object and you should see it as a „link“ in the debugger. The helpful message is hopefully shown when you click on it. I would recommend you do this instead of using (blindly) this workaround with quotes before you know the real problem.

No information was displayed. It was empty.

That‘s bad. It would be very helpful if you could create a sample project that produces this issue and attach it to a Feedback case. Oh, is it now called Issue case?