SQLite database location in iOS project

I’m new to the iOS and have a problem. I have iOS project folder in a NAS where there are all my project files including a SQLite database. Now I have made changes to the database in iOS Simulator. After that when I look at the database in a database browser there are no changes. So where is the database where the changes are?

So where is the database where the changes are?

How is your code creating or opening the SQLite database file that your app is working with?

iOS apps usually work with files stored in their own sandboxed folder structure, and the Simulator replicates that for your simulated devices. In my iOS app, I store the files that it works with in SpecialFolder.Documents.

If you want to investigate the files in a simulated app’s sandbox, find out what SpecialFolder.Documents resolves to. The folder path should look like:


(where DeviceUUID and AppUUID are randomly generated)

Set a breakpoint where you write to the file and you can get the path in the debugger.

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Thank you both, now I am relieved. I found it.

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