SQLite Database import from xml Data File

Hi there to all,

sorry if my English is really bad to understanding, i try to write so anybody understand me i hope.

I would like to create a dB App with SQLite.
I am a migraine patient and i like to have a Journey for my Doctor.
All the years i not found a App only a Paper Journey or a Smartphones App.

So i would like to develop a Computer App for Migraine.

I found on the Web a Data Site with the Medicines it’s exist,
as a XML File.

Problem, this is a File of 2 GB Data.
Now i would like to delivery the Database without 2 GB Files,
and update or upgrade by changes any exist Data Fields.

But if i delivery to other Peoples every week 2 GB isn’t so funny for traffic.

How i can import this XML and how I can create the new Database structure if have change, for noobs ?

I think how i can really simple made a SQL execute command with any new Data’s ? It’s possible by the Database himself on xojo
or exist a other App to manage somethings ?

Also, to your Pro Developers, I study until now only,
i not have a big Budget to buy very expensive Tools,
i am retired and i only have a little Pension but i would like to study about Development as a Hobby at Home.

I am really glad about any feedback from all of you.

And sorry again about my bad English.

Kind regards

Hi Chris,

would you be willing to share the xml file ? or at least the schema of it ? the xml structure ? i could help , contact me on private if interested



my sister is a migraine victim too.
in web i read salt and lemon help agains,
i bought special salt for her but she never used.
she told me she found a working medication against this.
about other headaches, a dehydration can be a cause.

Auf Deutsch habe ich verstanden Du bist ein Migräne Patient
und möchtest ein Nachschlagewerk auf dem PC für deinen Doktor haben?
i never thought that so much Medicines for this kind exists.
2 gb seems a lot of knowledge.

xojo have xml classes


db tools
DBeaver or DB Browser for SQLite

Hi Aurelian,

Thank a lot to your Offer.
I am very interested about.
I can send you the Link to the Web Site with the official ZIP File to download.


Inside has 3 Files with the different Medicine it’s exist on Switzerland.
I think not only for Headache or Migraine.

Kind regards

Hi Markus,

Yes i have most time of a Day headaches and some Day per year a Migraine problem.

To my Doctor i want wrote the Day’s with stronger Headache or what i eat before i have a Migraine attack or i drink to low of water something.

Day and Time and there what i do in the Day physically like sport or not what i drink water coffee or what i eat.

and if i use pain killers for headaches or else migraine and what of pain killers and something.

end of a Day are sometimes many entry in a Journey but on a paper you fill out to many information’s so I not have any control what i do really.

I thinks its better to use a Database but without some Inputs really a lot of work.

so i search on the web to became a list in a xml File with all of existed Medicines but really not all are to use for headaches or Migraine.

But possible to use a bit to much of coffee or salt and i have headaches right.

To put any Data in to my SQLite dB are 2 GB of Data to much and i searched a simple way to edit, upgrading the exist dB or update only with NEW Medicines.

Sadly is possible to change 1 month nothing and then 1 week every some Day and i cant put by handy any changes.

Kind regards

so you will link daily personal log entrys with a pharmaceutical information database (based on this xml)?

about the big database and update, i think a online database make sense.
small virtual private server in web with PostgreSQL or Firebird database.
depend of how much people will use your app.
alternative download sqlites from web space by topics. (upload with WinSCP)

headaches have some reasons but its overseeable.
have you visited a orthopedic specialist? (cervical vertebra,muscle tenseness,bad sleeping posture,teeth,…)

Hi Markus,

I was some years ago in the Hospital to test about my Migraine.
Also was a 24hrs still awake test same like to Epilepsy and he nothing found why i have.

I know two points why i can have, as a little boy i has a bigger concussion and in the 90’s a accident with a car.

for me possible this two. But i know the teeth are possible too a problem (the wisdom teeth).

First idea was with a Firebird dB, but my knowledge with SQLite or else Firebird are very small.

but FB is possible too as a local db and too for Client / Server environments right ?

The first time i think with SQLite it’s easier to beginning than Firebird to me without any knowledge.


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Hi Markus,

sorry, i not really read and understand all at the first one.
To until NOW it’s a Software to study Xojo and as a Hobby of myself.

If other Peoples has interest to the App I am open to upgrading this first step of Software.

I think if has a Doctor he like it to manage on my first effort I like to made also as a Client / Server Edition.

To until now only me and friends to test how its work.

I think to Home Users are not so nice always download any Data’s from a Server so I think a Local Database to a Doctors Office he works on a Client / Server System so i think possible upgrading but later if has some peoples they like it.

But my knowledge is really small so how i can upgrade or update the exist dB local with only the changes from the Swissmedics Server so the Traffic is small enough.

ZIP and send by Mail, not possible ZIP is 500 MB.
Always to tell users download the ZIP and extract and copy from here to there and run Import or do something other is not realy friedly to Users. This is in my mind too.


you could put a info file at web space,
download via app and show user a notification, then he can download it via app.
you could download zip from web space and extract within your app.
or just download smaller sqlite files from web space within your app.
(people watch movies/tv online, download hundreds gb of games, i would not care about the data size if you have only a few users)

other option is to use a web interface, you query your online database for information
and show it via html output.

you should start with a mind map or ms whiteboard.

i think no doc would install software at local infrastructure from the others,
they use IT services commonly or using web applications.