SQLite DataBase Editor documentation ?

I searched in the documentation and found the following editors:

• Code Editor ,
• Notes Editor ,
• Other Editors
• (Image Set Editor, Picture Editor, Menu Editor, Toolbar Editor, Report Layout Editor, File Type Set Editor, Container Control Editor)
• File Type Set Editor .

What I do not found is the “SQLIte DataBase Editor”… a.k.a. creating a DataBase using the IDE documentation.

Or I do not found it ?

It’s not in the new PDF manual either.
It does happen to be in the old manual, UserGuide-Framework.pdf page 113.

What exactly are you looking for?
SQLite for all intents is a “language” of its own (as a subset of SQL) and the commands are executed via Xojo database functions.
But since Xojo can use more databases than just SQLite, I doubt you will find much specific documentation in the Xojo docs?

Do you have some specific questions? or just SQLit in general.

I thought he was looking for the manual on how to use the in-IDE SQLite database editor.

(that even I had forgot existed)

the what? where?

oh you mean “Insert Database”? yuck… never have/nor will use it :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s it.

That’s it, but the documentation there is far from accurate…

Xojo 2017r1.1 screen shot (default size)

Edit: I suppose the Mandatory entry means NOT NULL…

You would be much better off forgoing this tool, and writing yourself a class to create the database and tables in code instead… that way you have visual access to what is going on, when, and why… making it much easier to maintain in the future…


that was what I’ve done years ago.

I only wanted to check what was in it and if I do not overlooked something.

I’ve done the same with the debuger, how a RecordSet is reported in the debuger (for example).