Sqlite database access across multiple web pages

Is Sqlite database access public or private across multiple web pages in the same session.

I have a home page where I check for the existences of a database and if not then I create one. I store the dbfile name and other info in the session folder so I can access them from various web pages.

In order to access this database from any web page do I need to DIM mDB as NewSQLDatabase(session.dbfile) etc all over again or can I just dbfile = session.dbfile, if mDbConnect then (etc) (I know that’s note correct code but I hope you get the drift).

I suppose the crux of the question is does the (can the) database remain connected across web pages during the session.

If you add the db as a property of the session then it will be available to all webpages belonging to that session.

Thank you Wayne,

I had already added the db as a property of the session but am having problems with the connect so I needed to check I was on the right track.